Roof Repair HamiltonRoofing Services

Rain Tree Roofing provides roof repair, removal, remodel and renovation services specializing in residential homes. This also includes soffit, fascia and eves repair and replacement, skylight installations and window and door installations. All of our installations are backed by a 10 Year workmanship warranty.

On The Surface

We supply and install all shingle types along with a warranty for your chosen shingle product depending on your preference in shingle type, grade, appearance, colour and budget.

Underneath It All

Roof Installation HamiltonWe also do everything we can to ensure your roof lasts as many decades as possible beyond the warranty period. To ensure this we provide services for your attic space as well. Ventilation from the attic is a crucial factor in the life of a roof. Proper air circulation will greatly reduce the chances of ice damming, leaking, blistering, curling and many other problems that can occur during the cold winters and hot summers that your roof has to endure.


We also inspect and repair/replace elements in and surrounding your attic such as:

  •  Insulation
  •  Vents
  •  Skylights
  •  Soffit
  •  Fascia and Eavestrough



Replacing a Damaged Roof

Besides the overall age of a residential roof, there are a number of other factors that could lead to a new roof.  Below are some common environmental factors that can deteriorate or destroy your roof.

Inadequate Ventilation Damage

Lack of ventilation is more common than you would think, and this is a silent killer when it comes to roofing.  When a roof is under ventilated, it heats up and condensates from the inside out, similar to a cold glass of water on a hot day.  In a severe situation, the trapped moisture will grow mold and increase energy bills, and in milder cases the moisture will rot your roof sheeting from the inside out in a 7-12 year time table.  In addition to your increased energy bill, your roofing shingle life is greatly reduced, as the shingles actually cook from the inside out.  This is noticeable when the shingles start to curl upward.

Wind Damage Roof

A wind damaged roof usually if severe enough will also constitute replacement by your homeowner’s insurance policy.  Wind damaged roofs can develop into severe problems if not addressed quickly.  The most common mistake is when the shingles blow off, leaving a black layer known as tar or felt paper exposed.  This felt paper is full of holes and is not designed as a safety layer if the shingles come off.  Felt paper’s purpose is to prevent moisture (in the form of condensation) from seeping into the plywood decking, and over time causing the deck to dry rot. 

Rain and Water Damage

Rain and water damage is often overlooked and will usually not show up until the sheet rock is wet or water is dripping from the walls or ceiling. Most common leaks develop from wind, hail, ice back up, faulty workmanship, or inadequate flashing's installed. A slow leak over time can cause toxic mold spores in addition to the rotted decking and wet insulation, sheet rock interior finishes etc. It is important to check all flashings around plumbing stacks and vents, Most rubber flashings will start to dry and crack after 6-7 years and develop a slow leak if not treated properly.